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Lab-Flex® high-performance cable assemblies are made with the finest materials, low-loss dielectrics, and Smiths’ proprietary solder sleeve termination process, which provides a robust and durable cable/ connector junction. They can be customized to suit the needs of most applications, and most designs are available in 4–5 weeks
SOS Engineering produces high-volume, low- cost deep-drawn parts using the latest tooling technologies and high-speed presses. Materials including cold-rolled steel, copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass can be drawn into D-Sub, micro, and custom shells, protective tubes and caps, metal housings, and more.
SOS produces precision-tuned metal parts of
all shapes and sizes using the latest Swiss-made precision screw machines. Parts include connector pins and sockets, coupling nuts, and more with diameters spanning 0.0100–2.000”, heat treating and zone annealing, and selective and overall precious- and semi-precious-metal plating.
MULTIGIG RT 3 rugged embedded computing connectors support up to 25Gb/s PCIe Gen 4, InfiniBand FDR, and Ethernet 100GBase-KR4,
are intermateable with VITA 46 and backward compatible with legacy VPX systems, and have the same rugged interface as MULTIGIG RT 2-R, but with smaller compliant pins for optimized performance.
TE Connectivity’s high-frequency, space-saving Nano RF coax modules and contacts deliver twice the density of VITA 67 SMPM RF modules used in VPX embedded computing applications. Half- and full-size modules can retain up to 12 or 18+ blind- mateable, float-mounted RF contacts and offer customizable contact counts and positions.
TT Electronics’ mag-Net® garment-mounted power and data connectors for harsh-environment military, first-responder, and law enforcement applications are ultra-lightweight, flush-flat, and self-aligning; deliver dependable ease-of-use, invisible connectivity, and high reliability; and support scalable C4I2 functionality and improved mobility.

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