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LEMO’s portfolio of aerospace connectors for military, commercial, and space applications is comprised of seven series with features including compact, lightweight housings, EMI and ingress protections, rugged resistance to high temperatures, voltage, and shock, and mixed-signal inserts for time and space savings.
LEMO offers high-quality custom cable assemblies. Options include coaxial, triaxial, audio, video, multiconductor, PTFE, PUR, silicone, Viton®, PEEK, computer, high-voltage, special-combination, hybrid, spiral, fiber optic, military tactical fiber optic, miniature, base-station, Cat 5, Cat 7, flat, and round cables.
Alloy 390 is ideal for small-form-factor signal
and power connectors in harsh-environment automotive, industrial, consumer, and test applications. The CuBe alloy provides high conductivity, excellent stress relaxation performance, resilience, and fatigue strength, high cycle life, good formability, and design flexibility.
Alloy 174 mill-hardened copper beryllium provides design flexibility, manufacturing ease, high-reliability, and durability in miniaturized, high-density, and high-temperature consumer, automotive, datacom, telecom, medical, and aerospace applications including connectors, terminals, and spring contacts for switches and relays.
The Micro-Lock Plus Wire-to-Board Connector System provides reliable electrical and mechanical performance in high-temperature automotive, industrial, and consumer applications up to 105°C. It has a compact form factor with dual locking mechanisms, is rated for up to 3A, and is currently available in two configurable versions.
Molex Optical LumaLink Trace Cable Assemblies are designed to illuminate the entire cable
from end to end, making cable mapping easier. LumaLink cable assemblies use high-density MPO connectors with a small form factor that supports high-density data center applications.

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