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industrial applications. In nearly every instance, standard off-the-shelf connectors simply won’t meet the needs of industrial devices, and especially not those designed with future developments in mind. Design concessions are needed to account for these differences since they all add production costs and, as such, make customized solutions even more attractive in comparison. Plus, when a connector supplier also has experience developing housings for electronics, a customized solution can integrate the connection technology into the housing, ensuring the most efficient use of space and reducing overall assembly costs.
Integrating hybrid connectors into electronic housings can significantly reduce production costs.
The right connector partner should also have a history of innovation and previously established global communication channels with manufacturing locations in low-cost regions, or locally in the U.S. and Europe, in order to save development time and production costs.
Industrial device OEMs are under great pressure to quickly develop new products that increase intelligence and functionality, reduce size and weight, and provide attractive price/performance benefits — and all without sacrificing robustness. Expanding I/O counts and networking capabilities can accomplish this, but the pressure to reduce size is in direct opposition to this solution.
When considering all the challenges to making standard, off-the-shelf solutions work for industrial applications, customized solutions become much more attractive. If one connector met everyone’s needs, there wouldn’t be thousands of different types of connectors available today. Customized solutions can meet high-density needs by combining networking, power, and I/O into a hybrid connector that can be integrated into the product housing to save production costs. They can also provide the individual look and feel required to strengthen an OEM’s brand.
Once an OEM decides that a custom connector solution is the right choice, the next step is choosing the right connector company to partner with. A connector supplier that is well recognized for quality, has global capabilities, and is experienced in developing custom solutions is critical for success. A valuable partner should also offer design consultation, not just subcontracting services. A deep understanding of plastics, contact design, and — most importantly — how they come together to make a quality connector is needed as well. Balancing the technical and commercial requirements will provide the best solution possible.
Customized connector solutions offer great benefits for a wide range of industrial applications. What may initially seem like a risky, costly, and long-term investment is really an affordable option when considering the costs associated with trying to make an off-the-shelf connector fit in a new application, and especially one with harsh- environment conditions. When considering the new trends of industrial devices and the development challenges they pose, customized connector solutions really stand out.
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