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 Air Electro stocks MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors manufactured by both SOURIAU (left) and Corsair (right).
A variety of QPL-approved shell materials are available for D38999 Series III connectors, including aluminum, stainless steel, lightweight composite, titanium, and bronze. Plating options for aluminum shells include cadmium olive drab, nickel, black zinc nickel for ROHS compliance, and green zinc nickel cobalt; plating options for composite shells include cadmium olive drab and nickel; and plating options for stainless steel shells include passivated and nickel finishes. Titanium shells are available without plating and bronze shells are characteristically unplated.
Shell types include square flange receptacles, jam nut receptacles, and plugs, and contact options includes removable, rear-release pin or socket contacts with crimp terminations (AS39029), thermocouple contacts, and PC-tail contacts as a commercial option. These high-density connectors have insert arrangements capable of accommodating up to 128 pins in sizes ranging from large (size 4) to small (size 22D), have polarization features designed to assure proper orientation of the mating halves prior to electrical engagement, and are available with EMI shielding capabilities and hermetic seals.
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