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  Micro-coaxial connectors from I-PEX Connectors are especially designed to prevent signal interference and are especially well suited for use in electronic devices equipped with wireless communication features, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE.
4. Termination
Micro-coaxial cables need to be prepped before being terminated in order to simplify the termination process and ensure high-quality connections. These prepped cables are referred to as cable subassemblies. Once a cable subassembly is completed, the next step is to align the assembly with the plug housing and solder the center conductor of the cable to the plug contact. To complete the harness assembly, simply place the lock and solder the ground bar and shell. Since the ground bar is conducted with all outer cable conductors, it is possible to conduct the entire connector system (both the plug and receptacle) by soldering several points between the ground bar and shell. This will ensure that the entire connector system exhibits good grounding characteristics.
 Click here for a video demonstration of the wire preparation and termination processes.
5. Flexibility
Micro-coaxial cable assemblies provide excellent flexibility in addition to high-quality high-speed signal transmission. Flexible micro-coaxial cables are especially well suited for hinged electronics, like laptops, and for moving cameras on drones.

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