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Selecting Printed Circuit Board Connectors for Harsh Environments
Michael Walmsley, Global Product Manager at TE Connectivity
Selecting printed circuit board (PCB) connectors that can perform reliably in harsh environments involves several important considerations. Whether connecting two or more PCBs together with a direct board-to-board connection or with a cable, PCBs in military and aerospace applications encounter many environmental variables. Shock, vibration, temperature, humidity, and changing altitude/atmospheric conditions are just a few of the many factors that can compromise the integrity of contacts and disrupt the signal. That’s why the design of contact-to-board terminations, plating materials and thicknesses, surface treatments, contact beam forces, and redundancy all need to be considered along with the mechanical design itself.
Designers can simplify the connector specification process for these demanding applications by establishing a clear understanding of how different environmental factors affect PCB connectors and employing tools made to navigating various design features and benefits and facilitate effective selections.

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