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In the last 10 years, the military, aerospace, and defense markets have seen a dramatic rise in the use of high-speed interconnect solutions. The ef cient transfer of massive amounts of data networking within avionic boxes has now become commonplace. This has driven the industry to develop standards for higher speeds, improved ef ciency, cost reductions, and commonality.
Today we see that re ected in the architecture known as VPX, formally known as VITA 46. Within that umbrella, we are now seeing the latest developments in the upcoming generation of new VITA standards. The baseline system uses modular, scalable backplane connectors to achieve the desired results.
However, simply transferring massive data within the box is no longer enough. Aerospace and defense systems now demand enormous amounts of high-speed data transfer on the interconnect systems running from box to box as well.
Now, connector manufacturers are faced with signi cant challenges driven by the  ve most common issues: size, weight, speed, ruggedization, and commonality. These key factors are driving the latest development efforts.
The industry has also learned that connectors alone are not a total solution. This has resulted in ongoing, coordinated efforts to develop high-speed copper and  ber cables, specialty backshells, specialty pins, and shield termination devices to accomplish complete and effective mil/aero interconnect solutions.
Ultimately, the success of any platform or program can be measured by delivering high-quality products to customers quickly and ef ciently. The military, aerospace, and defense industry has long recognized the importance of proper supply chain management, and the distribution community continues to play a vital role in that area.
This eBook contains a collection of articles that address the new standards, design requirements, and high-speed connector technologies being developed and deployed in military, aerospace, and defense equipment, all of which are authored by leading industry suppliers dedicated to designing, developing, and delivering the component solutions required to enable next- generation mil/aero electronics.
Tom Briere, Market Director, Military/Aerospace, Bishop & Associates Inc.
Alice Tanghe Editorial Submissions
VP and Managing Director [email protected]

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