Swedish Company Introduces USB Flashdrive for Smartphones

By News Release | June 11, 2013

Swedish Company Introduces USB Flashdrive for Smartphones

Combostick is like an ordinary flashdrive but with two connectors. With a slide button on the side users can choose between a standard USB-B connector that plugs into a PC and a micro USB connector for smartphones and tablets. When the micro-USB connector is used the device automatically switches into OTG mode for seamless interaction with the mobile device. With the slide button in the middle position, both connectors are protected inside the flashdrive.

Combostick has high transfer speeds and is designed to address the increased professional use of smartphones and tablets. The flashdrive is available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB versions and comes in purple, blue, yellow, and emerald green. For the gift and promotion industry, Combostick is available in neutral black and white versions, suitable for customized logo-print and styling.

“We believe we are first on the market with this type of flashdrive. We haven’t found anything like it. There are solutions involving cables and adapters where the same function probably can be achieved, but they’re not very user-friendly,” said Kent Skagvik, head of marketing at Techimport.

Visit Combostick online.

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