Rectangular Connectors for Mil/Aero Disconnect Applications

While circular connectors are often the go-to choice for mil/aero applications, rectangular connectors may be an alternative under certain conditions.   Circular connectors have been a mainstay in the military/aerospace market segment for more than 75 years, but there is another option for your disconnect application. Governed primarily by the MIL-DTL-5015 and MIL-DTL-38999 specifications, circularRead More

Qualtek Dual Fuse IEC C14 Inlet

The Qualtek dual fuse IEC C14 inlet is compact and rated to 10A. Qualtek now offers a series of dual-fused inlets which are compact and rated to 10A. The inlets, which are available with screw-mount (719WA) or snap-in mounting (723WA), feature active fuses on both the line and neutral. The inlets are designed to comply withRead More

Lumberg 3614 RAST 5 Connector

The Lumberg 3614 RAST 5 connector was developed based on customer feedback. Lumberg expanded its broad range of RAST 5 direct IDT connectors with the all-new 3614. The two- to six-pin direct connector provides a 5mm pitch, 6A at TU 70°C, and a rated voltage of 250V with screw-clamp technology. “Installation space is becoming increasingly defined in heating technology,” said Christian Forner, headRead More

Power Connectors Surge

Expanded packaging and performance options make power connectors surge. Power connectors once occupied just a tiny niche of the total separable interface market, but they are now on a rapid growth curve as many new power connectors that offer expanded packaging and performance options come into the market. In the world of pluggable electronic interconnects,Read More

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