Idolian Launches Business-oriented Studio Office Tablet

By News Release | June 11, 2013

Idolian Launches Business-oriented Studio Office Tablet

Idolian Mobile, a leading global provider of high-quality, Android tablets and accessories, announced today the launch of its newest device, the Idolian Studio Office. The Idolian Studio Office is a high-performance, high-quality 10-inch tablet with Bluetooth keyboard that meets the needs of individual consumers, but was actually designed with business and professional use in mind.

Considerably less expensive than similar devices currently available, the Idolian Studio Office is listed at just $278 including the Bluetooth keyboard. The Studio Office is part of Idolian’s exclusive “Studio Series” line of Android tablets, which consists of four high-performance tablet models that feature eight- and 10.1-inch screens, all with Dual Core processors. The newly designed Studio Office includes several features that rival similar tablets and netbooks in usability and performance, including Apple and Samsung devices.

The Studio Office’s specs include a multi-touch capacitive 10.1-inch LCD screen, a Cortex A9 processor with a speed of 1.6GHz that runs on Android 4.1 with 1GB of RAM. Additionally, the Studio Office is built with the same or better features than rival devices, including:

Bluetooth keyboard case
Dual cameras: Rear camera is 5 MP, front camera is 2 MP
Extended micro SD up to 32GB
Built-in speakers and microphone
Bluetooth capability
HDMI double frequency output
1280 x 800 IPS screen technology

According to Jay Kim, founder and president of Idolian Mobile, though the Studio Office is great for all computing purposes, it is designed specifically to serve the robust needs of business and professional users. “There continues to be an overwhelming need for a device such as the Studio Office in the business setting, especially in healthcare where caregivers are discovering how effective and efficient they can be when using Android tablet, PC, and other mobile devices to interact with patients, record visit summaries, and input data into the electronic health record,” said Kim. “With continued federal reform and regulation in the market, healthcare leaders are turning to tablet technology to comply with meaningful use, to ensure patient engagement, and to work faster and smarter.”

Educators also will find that the Studio Office is the most affordable and effective Android tablet to use in learning environments as it doubles as a tablet PC and a laptop, Kim said. Instructors can use the tablet during their classes and are able to quickly convert it to a laptop and use the keyboard to carry out their work-related responsibilities on the go.

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