Honda Joins H2USA Partnership to Promote Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure

By News Release | June 03, 2013

Honda Joins H2USA Partnership

American Honda Motor Co. is joining H2USA, a new public-private partnership to promote the commercial introduction and widespread adoption of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs).

“Honda is looking forward to working with the US Department of Energy, other automakers, and related stakeholders to expand the market and infrastructure for FCEVs,” said Steven Center, vice president of environmental business development. “As the first company to lease a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle to retail consumers (the Honda FCX) in the US, we believe FCEVs are important to the future of electric-drive, zero-emission transportation.”

According to Center, the public-private partnership is a necessary step to continue the development of a hydrogen refueling infrastructure for FCEV customers and leverage other hydrogen energy sources, including natural gas and renewables, allowing consumers in many parts of the country to take advantage of a clean, low-carbon transportation option.”

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