Honda and GM Partner in Fuel Cell Alliance

By News Release | July 17, 2013

Honda and GM Partner in Fuel Cell Alliance

Honda Motor Co. has created a powerful partnership with General Motors Co. to develop next-generation fuel cell vehicles. The agreement brings together each company’s technological strengths to develop fuel cell vehicles that will be competitive in both costs and technological capability, Honda managing officer Koichi Fukuo said.

GM has technical strengths in fuel cell power generation, while Honda is good at designing and manufacturing concise core systems, said Fukuo, who is in charge of overseeing Honda’s fuel cell vehicle operations including the recently concluded agreement with the Detroit automaker.

Honda and GM aim to put technology for making small, low-cost fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage systems into practical use by around 2020.

Away from the joint project, Honda is pushing forward its own project to launch mass-market sales of fuel cell vehicles in 2015. Honda hopes to use the new technology being developed with GM for those vehicles.

The alliance is pitted against partnerships between Toyota Motor Corp. of Japan and BMW AG of Germany as well as that of Japan’s Nissan Motor Co., France’s Renault SA, Germany’s Daimler AG, and Ford Motor Co. of the United States.

Fukuo said the Honda-GM alliance is not opposed to the possibility of accepting other automakers into the agreement, such as South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Corp. and Germany’s Volkswagen AG.

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