Harwin PCB terminals improve build quality and increase design flexibility.

HarwinHarwin PCB Terminals announced a wide range of PCB terminals (turrets) that can save assembly costs, improve build quality, and increase design flexibility.

“Products such as our H3108-01 0.5mm-diameter terminal pin can be used to construct a pluggable PCB assembly – perhaps a module or daughterboard,” said Product Manager Paul Gillam. “The H2173-05 – another terminal pin – adds a swaged retention feature for extra strength. Both these types can also be used to attach wires to avoid soldering the wire direct to a PCB.”

Turret styles are also available. These enable customers to solder heavy gauge wire from a power supply, for example, to a PCB. Generally, these are swaged because a secure mechanical fix is needed. The different styles give the customer flexibility in design and the opportunity to attach several wires to the same post.