FCI MEG-Array Connectors Perform Up to 28 Gb/s for Next-Generation Pluggable Optical Transceivers

By News Release | May 23, 2012

FCI’s MEG-Array Connectors, in 4mm connection height, can now be recommended for next-generation pluggable, optical transceivers, because they perform at the higher speeds of 28 Gb/s per electrical lane.

“The MEG-Array Connector is a successful, legacy electrical interface to PAROLI, SNAP-12, POP4, PPOD embedded optical modules and 300 pin MSA transponders,” said David Hansen, FCI product manager. “This level of performance will allow customers to reach new speeds in high-speed telecom, datacom, and instrumentation applications with a trusted, proven connector.”

The 28 Gb/s high-speed links through 4mm stack height connectors meet/exceed requirements of the OIF Short Reach specification (CEI-28G-SR) for insertion loss (IL), insertion loss deviation (ILD), return loss (RL), and integrated cross-talk noise (ICN). In addition, eye patterns, bit-error rate (BER), and bathtub curve (BTC) simulations demonstrate 28 Gb/s performance, even without signal conditioning.

The MEG-Array connector’s combination of multiple stack heights (4mm to 14mm) and multiple sizes (81 signals to 528 signals) optimizes design flexibility. BGA attachment supports low cost, standard SMT assembly processes. FCI has manufactured the MEG-Array Connector since 1996, shipping more than 17 billion BGA lines.

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