Coax Cable Connectors and Other Hard-to-Find Adapters Now Available at

By News Release | April 30, 2013

Coax Cable Connectors and Other Hard-to-Find Adapters Now Available at introduced an e-commerce website devoted to supplying customers with quality RF connectors for a multitude of applications. In addition to popular connectors, like PL-259 UHF connectors, the website also offers a wide range of coax cable connectors and miscellaneous equipment needed to solder or crimp coaxial cables for any range of application. Soldering equipment available at includes soldering stations, rosin core solders, de-soldering braids, and heat shrink tubing kits. The high quality connectors and adapters available on range from PL-259 or UHFs connectors, F connectors, N connectors, RCA adapters, SMA  connectors, SMB  connectors, TNC, and 3.5mm connectors. also offers a selection of American-made cables including RG-8X, RG-58, RG-8, RG-213, as well as popular Times Microwave brands LMR-240 and LMR-400. Customers can even purchase bulk cables ranging from 50 to 500 feet in length. Furthermore, the website itself has been built to ensure customer satisfaction during the shopping experience. The website’s navigation is structured so that each product can easily be found. products can be viewed via both side and top navigation panels, as well as through sub-categories of similar products. offers a flat rate shipping fee of just $3.99 for orders placed in the United States.

Visit ConnectorZone online.

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