HARTING Releases Secure Cabling Technology

By News Release | June 28, 2012

HARTING recently announced its Ha-VIS preLink secure cabling technology.

The company’s Ha-VIS preLink cabling system can be installed in both offices and IT centers, as well as factories, plants and even outdoors. Ha-VIS preLink cabling components are assembled with the terminator block first crimped onto the data cable and with the mating face required then snapped in.

Several mating face variants are available with the RJ45, M12 D-coded and M12 X-coded versions of the technology. The design is meant to enable transmission according to category 6A / transmission class EA for10 gigabit Ethernet. Future developments in the Ha-VIS preLink product program will include terminal boxes for industrial and outdoor use, as well as intelligent patch solutions.

HARTING and EasyLan make infrastructure for IP 67 environments such as industry, automation, machinery and outdoor utilization, and IP 20 environments such as IT centers and offices.

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News Release
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