Connectors are Critical for VME to VPX Transitions

In demanding fields like military and transportation, connectors are helping VME and VPX developers push performance to new levels.   Connectors are Critical for VME to VPX Transitions The harsh, high performance fields that have used VME technologies for decades are making the transition to its successor, the VPX bus. As this evolution occurs, connectorsRead More

Even watch bands may get smarter

Circuit board modules used for watch band concept   The ability to cram more powerful electronics into smaller spaces has made portable equipment a pace-setting field for the electronics industry. Smartphones have become the flag bearer for this movement, but smart watches are rapidly ramping up the competition. Early generation watches were fairly large, soRead More

Making a connection with sensors, microcontrollers

Microcontrollers and sensors are generally seen as the dominant devices leading the growth of automotive electronics. But basic electromechanical components like connectors are key enablers in the drive to add more features and functions.   The digital revolution in autos wouldn’t be possible without continued improvements in connectors, which are seeing stable growth. The connectorRead More

Vehicle networking may change connector requirements

Huge growth in sensors is helping fuel a shift to Ethernet and other alternatives as a way to reduce the bulk of wiring harnesses. Connector demand should grow as more modules are added.   Vehicle Networking The number of sensors on passenger cars has exploded over the past few years, and there’s no sign ofRead More

GM investments, robots may herald 2017 market growth

GM is investing $1 billion in US factories, possibly foretelling a strong market for industrial products. Record setting robot sales also portend growth for connector makers that focus on the severe demands for ruggedized components.   A General Motors plan to invest $1 billion in its US factories may herald an expansion in manufacturing. TheRead More

Molex, TE partner for high performance connectors

Joint efforts ensure compatible products from multiple sources   The complexity of high-end electronics creates many opportunities for hardware and/or software problems, while pricing and time to market pressures create problems for those tasked with setting up the supply chain. For the connector world, the merger of these trends often means that second sources needRead More

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