Renewable Energy Sources: Power Up and Power Down

November 2013 – As demand for power grows around the world, we’re seeing a growing shift towards clean, renewable energy resources, solar and wind in particular. But how is the renewables market weathering the economy?

An Industry Under Siege: How Much Defense is Enough?

September 2013 – In 2013, governments and defense agencies — from the US to China to the euro zone — are being asked to justify defense spending against a broad range of domestic priorities. Domestic demands for austerity and social investment are eroding previous commitment to high levels of defense spending by many nations. Defense is still the first priority of many governments; however, it is becoming more difficult for the armed services and industry to plan in this budgetary environment.

Market Facts – Wind Energy

February 19, 2013 – The key players in the wind energy supply chain are expected to shift over the next year as companies realign their renewable strategies.

Implantable Medical Devices: Smart Devices, Healthy Patients

August 2013 – Implantable devices serve a variety of functions, from vascular stents that preserve blood flow, to electrostimulation devices that regulate heart rhythms, to orthopedic devices that reinforce the spine or restore hips and knees. These tiny devices are the future for many medical procedures and connector designs are responding to the highly sophisticated requirements of such precise technology.

Renewable Energy – An Industry in Turmoil

May 21, 2013 – We have been besieged by stories of misfortune and turmoil in the solar and wind industry, caused by overcapacity, regulatory issues, US sequestration, bankruptcies, and the lure of other cheap energy solutions. While this news has been unsettling, it also indicates a healthy shakeout is coming to the renewable energy industry.

Cable Assemblies in the Operating Room

Electronics have become as prevalent in the operating room as the expected scalpels and masks—even the scalpels have been updated for the high-tech world. Cable assemblies are used to connect everything from patient monitoring devices to electrosurgical “scalpels.” We will examine the type of assemblies found in the operation room, their electrical, mechanical, quality, and packaging requirements, and the trends in this very specialized segment of the cable assembly market.

The Need for Speed – Rugged Mobile Devices in the Military

February 5, 2013 – The commercial market is setting the pace for the use of mobile devices across multiple markets and applications. As defense personnel see computing devices used in different ways in the civilian world, they are adapting them for similar applications in the military. Jenny Bieksha looks at the latest trends in military electronics, the drivers behind them, and where the applications are going next.

Which Way Is the Wind Blowing?

November 20, 2012 – Offshore wind is an important component of global plans to increase the amount of renewable generation and reduce dependence on the use of fossil fuels. Much of the near-term market growth for offshore wind will remain in Europe; however, long-term growth opportunities are projected in Korea, China, and Japan. Jenny Bieksha reports on the pros and cons of the technology, the challenges for implementation in the near future, and how it affects Europe’s 2020 target for renewable energies.

Patient Care in the Medical Market

October 16, 2012 – Opportunities for interconnect manufacturers in the medical market exist across the infrastructure and a wide range of remote monitoring devices that exploit advances in bandwidth, networking, mobile telecommunication, RF technologies, and miniaturization. Bishop & Associates’ Jenny Bieksha examines the drivers behind the latest trends.

Modernizing Military Vehicles: Vetronics

October 2012 – As defense spending moves away from research and development, vetronics offers a minimalist approach by reducing and consolidating vehicle electronic systems. Bishop’s Jenny Bieksha examines the market opportunities in this sector.

Shedding Light on Renewable Energy: Long-term Potential for Connectors

September 2012 – Jennifer Bieksha looks at the potential of the renewable energy market and how it is shaped by financial and regulatory policies. While investing in solar and wind power is the sensible solution to global energy issues, the technology challenges and the fluctuating economy could affect smart grid modernization.

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