Next iPhone Rumoured For August Launch

By News Release | March 08, 2013

Next iPhone Rumoured For August Launch

The rumor mill has started running again with Apple reportedly preparing to launch the next version of the iPhone. Known tentatively as the iPhone 5S, it may come as early as August this year, according to a report on Apple Insider quoting Chinese tech news site EMSOne. The website also mentioned that the company is planning to launch a cheaper version of its flagship device to woo those who cannot afford the expensive version.

Foxconn will continue to manufacture the components, although there is no mention of Pegatron, an ASUS subsidiary. The iPhone 5S will also supposedly be usable all over the world unlike the iPhone 5, which has variants for different regions to suit the local mobile networks. This will be possible, thanks to Qualcomm’s latest LTE chipset that can work with more than 40 bands including all existing versions of LTE.

Details about the cheaper version of the iPhone are sparse with the website only mentioning that it will work with frequency division duplex (FDD), which is used by China Mobile. Apple will probably cut costs by using polycarbonates to make the less expensive variant. While China may be one of the largest markets for the iPhone, and it does make sense to introduce a cheaper variant over there, it doesn’t really make business sense to leave India out as the consumers there will also want the opportunity to buy an iPhone, albeit a less expensive model, just for its flaunt value.

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