Rumors of New Apple Products Continue to Spread

By News Release | March 03, 2013

Rumors of New Apple Products Continue to Spread

Under fire for its falling stock price, Apple CEO Tim Cook promised investors at the company’s annual shareholder meeting that it has “great stuff” in the works. Cook didn’t offer specifics, but rumors have been swirling around Apple’s potential products for some time. Here’s a look at what you might see in the near future:

The iWatch. Recent reports suggest Apple really could be working on a wearable smartphone, or a “smart watch.” Bloomberg reported that a team of 100 people is working on wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass, which could perform similar tasks to iPhones and iPads.

Interconnected TV. An interconnected Apple TV set has long been predicted by industry-watchers. The Wall Street Journal reported last year it would feature Siri-style voice commands and wireless streaming. Foxconn, the company that manufactures Apple products, bought a 10% stake in television giant Sharp.

iPhone 5S. Most expect Apple to update the iPhone 5 rather than release the iPhone 6 this year. The iPhone 5S will likely feature a faster processor and better camera than the iPhone 5. Some have also speculated that Apple will release an iPhone Mini. Early rumors predicted a spring release.

Low-cost iPhone. Taiwan’s DigiTimes recently reported that Apple plans to release a low-cost iPhone for emerging markets in Asia before the end of the year. The phone would look like an iPhone, but be made from plastic or recycled parts. One analyst said it could cost $199.

iPad 5. Recent unconfirmed rumors suggest this could be released as soon as June, just seven months since the iPad 4 release. Analysts say the company may feel pressured to release a thinner, lighter model of the iPad to fend off Microsoft’s Surface tablet.

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